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SODASORB® CO2 absorbents have been a trusted and essential carbon dioxide absorbent for decades. It helps to safely and efficiently remove CO2 from anesthesia systems, diving chambers and re-breathers, and industrial safety equipment.  SODASORB® absorbent is intended for medical purposes to remove carbon dioxide from gases in the breathing circuit in systems such as anesthesia and respiratory therapy equipment. 

SODASORB® absorbents are available in two formulations for medical use:  SODASORB® for traditional flow rate systems and SODASORB® LF for low and ultra-low flow anesthesia systems. In diving applications SODASORB® HP is designed for high performance removal of CO2 from industrial hyperbaric diving chambers as well as military and recreational re-breather equipment.  Additionally, SODASORB® is an effective absorbent for industrial rescue equipment such as mine safety refuges and escape re-breathers.

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