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Darex Packaging Technologies continues to offer the world's most technologically advanced sealants for consumer and industrial products, both solvent-based and water-based. These include the latest eco-friendly products as well as materials designed to address today's challenges of thinner gauge metals, smaller seam dimensions, and rigorous, high-speed production methods.

DAREX® Can Sealants

The flagship sealant and coating brand, Darex® sealants have evolved in parallel with the industry, adapting to the ever-changing requirements. An intimate, customer-focused approach allows us to offer the world's broadest and most technologically advanced portfolio of can sealants, including products for the following applications:

  • Carbonated beverage cans
  • Processed beverage cans
  • Round and non-round food cans
  • Aerosol cans
  • Composite cans
  • Round and non-round general line cans
  • Drum and pail seams
  • Drum and pail covers

DARAFORM® Closure Sealants

Darex Packaging Technologies supplies a complete range of non-PVC closure sealants to meet the sealing requirements of the closure industry. The main purpose of non-PVC closure sealants is to provide a sealant for pry off crowns, twist off crowns, ROPP or plastic caps. 

SINCERA® Slip-System Lubricant

SINCERA® slip-system lubricant is the first tasteless lubricant. It is designed to replace the use of unsaturated amides. All current lubricants were found to have a minimal effect on the opening force, or a detrimental effect on odor. SINCERA® technology has been able to overcome both challenges. 

DARASEAL® Closure Sealants

Darex Packaging Technologies supplies a range of PVC based compounds to meet the sealing requirements of the closure industry. DARASEAL® RO compounds are used to seal RO and ROPP aluminum caps. DARASEAL® CAP compounds are used to seal crimp-on caps, lug and twist off caps for aqueous, acidic and fatty foods. DARASEAL® RO and DARASEAL® CAP are available in non-phthalate versions.

For support in selecting the right sealant for your specific application, please contact your Darex Packaging Technologies representative.​